Arthroscopy Assn. Annual Meeting – Denver

As one of the faculty for a course on complex shoulder instability, Dr. Angelo presented on the arthroscopic management of unusual variants of shoulder pathology that may contribute to the unstable shoulder.

Visiting Professor – Northwell / Long Island Jewish

As Visting Professor in May of 2017, Dr. Angelo gave presentations on ‘Proficiency-Based Progression Training for Surgical Skills’ and ‘The Arthroscopic Management of Shoulder Disorders’.  Later in the day, he and the Orthopedic Residents participated in a shoulder cadaver training lab reviewing arthroscopic anatomy and surgical techniques.  At dinner, they discussed fellowship training and orthopedic practice opportunities. 

“In My Office”

“In My Office”

We are beginning a new educational offering at entitled “In My Office”. Each Blog begins with a common question often asked by patients during a consultation in the office. The remainder of the blog is dedicated to answering the question in a simple, yet informative manner with the belief that if you are informed and educated, you will be able to make better choices regarding your own healthcare. Topics dedicated to knee and shoulder disorders include important anatomy, strategies for injury prevention, common symptoms, and explanations of state-of-the-art treatment options. The pros and cons of various treatment choices as well as what you can expect for the results of your treatment are discussed. The rationale for rehabilitation strategies is outlined as well. You will find the easy-to-understand material presented in this blog to be both informative and helpful.
Richard L. Angelo, M.D.